Bare Bar Natural Soap Cutting

I don't have a lot to say here except for this:

We all need a gentle few moments to relax our nervous system. Living on planet Earth right now is a rollercoaster of feelings and experiences.  

This morning I entered the studio early to cut this new soap. I call it the Bare Bar, and it's a special creation for all the beautiful minimalists out there. It's unscented, no added color, and simply a beautiful blend of oils, butters, honey, and colloidal oats. 

As I was cutting the soap, I felt so peaceful, so calm. I decided to gift that feeling to you with 4 full minutes of soap cutting! 

Please enjoy and breathe in that calm and peace. 


Bare Bar has to cure for about 6 weeks before it will be available in the shop (with other new goodies!) 

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Started using your Botanicals 6 months ago and love them. I am traveling for a month in October and would love to get the day and night in the sample sized bags to travel with. Have you ever thought of doing those like your face wash.?

Kate Goldman February 27, 2022

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