I'm Closing The Shop.

This can be a long or short story depending on how much time you have to read and how interested you are in the topic.

This has been the hardest thing to write. I haven't known how to pour the contents of my heart out onto a page to fully share what I've been going through lately around my feelings for the shop.

If you're here for the short story: I'm going to close The Stillroom indefinitely. Watch for emails about the entire shop being 50% off.

If you're here for the long story, read on. 

I started building The Stillroom 5 or 6 years ago. In those years, and especially in the last 3 years,I have changed so radically that I'm almost unrecognizable to myself. It has been a good transition, but lots of personal, inner change.

With that inner change has come the feeling of things that are bigger than me that I'm being called to turn my attention to and put myself in service to. This can get very esoteric and spiritual. But the main point is, that The Stillroom is no longer aligned with who I am today.

Let me explain what that means. I absolutely love The Stillroom, and she has her own energy. She's an entity. A living, breathing creation of mine.

The last couple of years I have pulled more and more of my energy from her and into other things and it doesn't feel good. It doesn't feel aligned to be half-assing something. Or only giving some of myself to her.

I've had the inkling and little voice telling me that this isn't working for me, but it's been so hard to admit that the voice is right. When I think of the blood, sweat, tears and energy I've poured into The Stillroom, the thought of shutting it all down feels so big for me. It feels like a breakup. 

But lately my body has been trying to tell me that I'm not in alignment by giving me random dizzy spells and other physical symptoms that are a clear indication that something isn't aligned or balanced. When I tap into my body's wisdom and ask what's out of balance. I get a very clear message: That it's time to let The Stillroom go.

So, The Stillroom is closing.

I can't believe I just wrote those words out. I still cry sometimes when I say it. Not because I'm not ready, but because I just can't believe it. 

One of the reasons I've held onto The Stillroom is because of the hundreds of messages I've received over the years of people thanking me for making something that's so healing to their skin. Some of the messages were so beautiful, and I started to take on the story that I had to continue doing this because people need it. So I've brainstormed some ways to still offer access to my formulas.

Eventually, I'll be making all my recipes and formulas available on the site. Most of my formulas can easily be made in a home kitchen with common kitchen appliances and gadgets. I'm also looking for other handmade skincare brands that are willing to take on and make some of my formulas, so I can direct Florets to them. Please stay tuned for more information. If you're the owner of a handmade skincare or herbal business please reach out!

In the future I'll be moving to "my land" as a call it. A multi acre homestead that I've been calling in for awhile now. I envision many animals in my care, and lots of gardening and land stewardship. I'm also moving into a space of serving women in various ways. It's all unfolding now. If you'd like to follow along with my journey, I've created a new instagram account and would love to see you there:


Thank you for reading this. Thank you for being here with me over the years. I've felt your love and support and will never, ever forget it. 




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I’m sad to read this! Use a few of your products every day and I love them! I sincerely hope you’re okay and that you find health and joy.

Sincerely, Alison

Alison Barker August 31, 2022

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