The Stillroom Botanicals

Natural Facial Cleansing Brush


Hang this naturally beautiful cleansing brush in a place you can easily grab it for a gentle yet powerful face cleansing.

The incredibly soft nylon bristles glide across skin, sweeping away dirt and bacteria. Combined with a gentle hand poured soap or cleansing oil, your skin will be left fresh, clean and happy.

  • Soft bristles are perfect for cleansing delicate facial skin
  • Easily held in hand with perfectly contoured wooden handle
  • Hang up to dry with attached natural cotton rope
  • Pair with our Naked Face Cleansing Butter for a mildly exfoliating cleanse

This is a beautiful, high quality cleansing brush that requires special care. Laying it on a surface while wet can cause damage to the gentle bristles and wood. Please be sure to hang in in a dry place after use to protect the integrity of the wood and bristles.



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